HPE's vision for the intelligent edge

It’s not just speeds and feeds anymore, it’s intelligent software, integrated security and automation that will drive the networks of the future.

That about sums up the networking areas that Keerti Melkote, HPE’s president, Intelligent Edge, thinks are ripe for innovation in the next few years. He has a broad perspective because his role puts him in charge of the company’s networking products, both wired and wireless.

“On the wired side, we are seeing an evolution in terms of manageability,” said Melkote, who founded Aruba, now part of HPE. “I think the last couple of decades of wired networking have been about faster connectivity. How do you go from a 10G to 100G Ethernet inside data centers? That will continue, but the bigger picture that we’re beginning to see is really around automation.” 

The challenge is how to inject automation into areas such as data centers, IoT and granting network access to endpoints. In the past, automation and manageability were afterthoughts, he said. “The wired network world never really enabled native management monitoring and automation from the get-go.” 

Melkote said HPE is changing that world with its next generation of switches and apps, starting with a switching line the company introduced a little over a year ago, the Core Switch 8400 series, which puts the the ability to monitor, manage and automate right at the heart of the network itself, he said.

In addition to providing the network fabric, it also provides deep visibility, deep penetrability and deep automation capabilities. “That is where we see the wide network foundation evolving,” he said.

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