10 hot micro-data-center startups to watch

Data-hungry technology trends such as IoT, smart vehicles, drone deliveries, smart cities and Industry 4.0 are increasing the demand for fast, always-on edge computing. One solution that has emerged to bring the network closer to the applications generating and end users consuming that data is the micro data center.

The micro data center sector is a new space filled with more noise than signal. If you go hunting for a micro data center for your business you’ll find everything from suitcase-sized computing stacks that replace a server closet to modular enclosures delivered by semi-trucks to larger units that reside at the foot of cell towers to dedicated edge data centers with standardized designs that can spring up wherever there’s demand and where real estate or access rights are available, including easements, rooftops and industrial sites.

Several of the startups here started out in adjacent spaces, such as IaaS or colocation services and have only recently added micro data centers to their portfolios. Now, with the arrival of 5G, the demand for edge data centers could be ready to explode, with several of the startups below intending to drop micro data centers at the base of every 5G tower they can gain access to.

Year founded: 2014

Funding: $196,000+

Headquarters: Haarlem, Netherlands

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