Aruba rounds out edge-to-cloud strategy

Aruba has expanded its switch portfolio to include new software and switches that bring the company’s automation and software intelligence to campus networks.

The HPE company is offering up a new release of its switch software – AOS-CX 10.4 – and the Aruba stackable CX 6300 and modular CX 6400 Series switches. The company also said it had integrated its switch-configuration software, NetEdit, into its Network Analytics Engine (NAE).  NAE uses embedded analytics and automation to simplify management, accelerate troubleshooting of application-performance issues and remediate common network problems, Aruba stated. 

AOS-CX is the network operating system software that Aruba introduced with its first core switch – the 19.2Tb/sec 8400 programmable, modular campus core and aggregation switch in 2017.  Aruba describes AOS-CX as a cloud-native, programmable software package that can  automate and simplify many critical and complex network functions such as end-to-end network monitoring, troubleshooting, network performance and security-related issues. 

The NOS enables automation and programmability support via  built-in REST APIs and Python scripts to boost automation and web application development.

AOS-CX 10.4 includes what Aruba calls dynamic segmentation that lets customers secure access and set unified policies across wired and wireless networks.  

The new version of AOS-CX extends the system to the new switches and includes over 140 access features, including a new one called dynamic segmentation that provides secure, unified policy across wired and wireless networks down to every user and IoT device, said Michael Dickman, vice president of Product Line Management at HPE Aruba. 

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